We Aren’t B Cups Anymore, So Stop Limiting The Cup Sizes, Damnit!

Mary Spencer and her daughter Sarah run Mary Spencer Lingerie Etc. and recently discussed the ‘growth’ in the bra business:

The average UK size is a 36C, up from 34B a decade ago.

In Grimsby, this average could be even higher. Owners of an independent lingerie shop claim their average bra size is an E cup.

Mary Spencer and her daughter Sarah (36) opened Lingerie etc, in Victoria Street, Grimsby, four years ago.

Mrs Spencer (59) said: “Worldwide, the average cup size is a D, but we sell more Es than anything else.

“As a result of bigger sizes, the need for good supportive bras has increased, but so has the demand for sexy bras.

“The industry has had to adapt to these changes.”

But despite more attention to the trim, padding and cut of a bra, 80 per cent of women measured are still wearing the wrong size.

Mrs Spencer said: “A lot of women suspect they may be wearing the wrong size but have no idea how wrong they really are.

“We have had people arrive in a 38B and leave in a 32F. And that’s not a one-off.”

… Mrs Spencer said: “Women have a whole selection of bras these days to suit every occasion – plunge, smooth, strapless, bedroom glamour…

“We should be celebrating the bra because it can change the way you feel about yourself.

“People come into our shop feeling down about themselves, with a poor body image.

“But when we get them in the right fitting bra it can instantly improve the way you hold yourself.

Mentioned, briefly, in the article is Eveden, which makes the pretty Freya bras shown here. Freya bras are beautiful, yes; but they also come in larger cup sizes. So if you have need, check them out.

I sure hope lingerie manufactures listen to this — not just regarding bra sizes, but the cup size in babydolls, nighties etc.

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