Bernadette Peters On & In Lingerie

In December, 1981, Bernadette Peters appeared in a 6 page photo spread & the cover of Playboy wearing Bob Mackie designed lingerie — there was no nudity, but wowza!

From the accompanying interview:

Regular contributor David Rensin conducted an interview with Bernadette during the photo session. Says Rensin: “When we finally settled down to talk, I found her to be bright, with a subtle wit and an infectious giggle. It was also clear that Bernadette chooses her answers carefully. She said she wanted to protect a cherished private life. Still, she responded to our gentle prying with good humor and didn’t seem to mind revealing her wonderful figure in Mackie’s designs or her feelings in general.”

Playboy: How did you like wearing this stuff?

Bernadette: I like lingerie. Sometimes it’s not so practical, because it creates lumps under your clothes, but it’s great to put on. Personally, I love Bob’s designs and that stuff that comes from Paris. They use great materials and I like the most expensive stuff.

Then Playboy asked her about her 1981 Academy Awards dress:

Playboy: Did showing as much skin as you did (at the 1981 Academy Awards) make you at all uneasy, make you feel as if everyone were staring somewhere below your chin?

Bernadette: Well, the dress was heavily beaded and you couldn’t tell if you were seeing something or not. But I’m not self-conscious about that stuff…..It’s almost got to be like your wearing a bathrobe; treat it as if it were absolutely nothing. Then it works and it’s incredible. When I feel good about something, then I forget it. I’m only self-conscious when I wear something schleppy. I don’t have any complexes about my—

Playboy: Yes, once and for all, what do women call them?

Bernadette: Breasts. When I’m having fun, I may call them boobs.

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