Show & Tell Adult Meme: End Of The Year Edition

The Marketing Whore dared me…, so blame her for what’s about to happen…

1 What was your very favorite post you made this past year?

Oh, I don’t know… That’s a lot of posts & my mind is aging fickle. I’d like to dump this one off on someone else — like you blog readers *wink* — but perhaps my favorite is my first foray into writing erotic stories (for public consumption), Elizabeth: A Lady In Control (under the ‘pen name’ Areola Brown).

(I bet you all thought it was going to be a rant, huh? Well, writing it and sharing it was scary and exhilarating all at the same time, so it stands out more. *neener neener* )

2 What post was the most effective post you made this past year? (Based on links to it, comments, emails, sales etc.)

Factoring out that the memes like TMI Tuesdays and Thursday Thirteens get lots of comments from those who participate, I’d say that The Irony of Lingerie had the most comments and some pretty heated emails too. That turned out to be a very math-y question lol

3 What are three of your favorite posts/articles that you’ve read this past year? (Not your own, but the works of others.) And do tell us all why you selected them.

Easier in the sense that the posts of others stand out more easily than my own; yet more difficult because it’s only three and I don’t want to offend anyone. :sigh:

In no particular order….

Warm Wet Velvet, because it took my breath away — and still does!

It’s Lonely At The Top; It’s Lonely Everywhere, because it shows not only the softer side of men, but of Gracie too. (As a friend, I see this more vulnerable side of her more often; but she doesn’t always write that way.)

Auld Lang Syne, because it’s a year-end wrap-up post linking to her stellar posts (which is sort of cheating — but technically it is one post!) and she continually amazes me.

4 What was the most surprising thing you learned in 2007?

Technically the knowledge of this was not gleaned until I was made to poke about this blog, but I just now realized I have not worked on Bills, Then Balls — and I was so excited about it too!

5 What was the most valuable thing or lesson you learned in 2007?

Honestly, if we’re talking about things related to this blog, I’d say that while I thought talking about lingerie with other people here would make me obsess less, I was dead wrong. I obsess even more!

In ‘real life’, I’ve learned that “blessings, not losses” is a good, but difficult, mantra. I am working on that, and have the support of many friends many of whom I’ve met because of this blog.

6 Is there anything you wanted to learn this past year that you did not? Why not? And are you going to make this a goal for 2008?

How to get a backer for my lingerie ideas. :sigh:

Why not? Well it’s either:

A) My fans are poor like I am
B) No has money to invest in a blogger
C) I didn’t really ask/dig/beg/post it enough
D) All of the above

Um, D it is! lol

Yes, it would still be a goal for 2008. (Hint-hint, readers!)

Optional (but worth 100 extra Marketing Whore Bucks lol): For most of us, guarding our identities means not taking/publishing photos, but I double-dog dare you to take some photo of yourself, crop it to remove what you think is necessary to keep your privacy but still gives something special (and hopefully naughty) of you away ~ and publish it on your blog.

I wasn’t going to do this, but after those rough questions this seemed easier somehow lol

Want to play along? Sure you do! Click to get all the details.

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