Panties Second Only To Auto Industry

According to economists, Japan’s appetite for kink is the second-largest industry, accounting for 2.37 trillion yen or US$20 billion annually in commercial sex services, including the purchase of used panties — that’s second only to the automobile industry. Well, something has to fund the panty purchases…

Rachel Dodds says:

Probably one of the most popular fetishes in Japan is known as Burusera. “Buru” means bloomers and “sera” mean seller. Burusera is the practice of selling used panties. There are Burusera shops that sell the panties accompanied by pictures of the girls that wore them. The price ranges anywhere from 5000 to 10,000 yen, or US$49 to $90 for one pair.

However, distribution of the panties is not limited to Burusera shops. A friend who recently visited Japan said it was common to see used panties available in vending machines, as well. Who said the vending machine had to be limited to junk food and beverages, anyway?

In 2004, Tokyo introduced a law that banned the purchase of panties worn by girls under the age of 18. But the law just ended up diversifying the practice of Burusera. It was reported in the Mainichi Daily News that business-savvy school girls would use disabled public washrooms and simply allow the kagaseya (“sniffers”) to smell the panties directly from their bodies.

But the most common way underage school girls leverage the profit of their panties is through mobile phone sites to post pictures of themselves. The client pays to see the picture and the girls then throw in the panties for free.

This panty fetish is not unique to Japan, but the art of panty sniffing hasn’t been institutionalized to such degree anywhere else in the world. In fact, a Google search on “panty sniffing” brings up 91,500 results.

Now this post of mine — along with this one — are among them. *wink*

Photo from JPThumbs, via Roue Ataraxia.

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