Lauren Muney Is The Little Tramp – In Panties

Lauren Muney, performance artist and wellness coach, started playing Charlie “The Tramp” Chaplin when a producer asked her to perform at the US Presidential Inaugural Ball 1997. In October 2007 she hit the streets of Shanghai as Chaplin. Muney has this to say about the experience:

Underneath the improvisation, the flirting, and the laughter is actually a woman … It’s an interesting psychological experiment: the audience fooled into seeing a man who is really a woman trying to create a ‘whole person’ who actually does exist, but who takes off the mustache before bedtime.

I do think it’s very daring personally (inside my own spirit), because crossing gender makes us think about ourselves as ‘people,’ without sex.

Videographer Michael Menes followed & filmed the antics. Here’s a charming clip:

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