13 Reasons To Love Vintage Lingerie

Or, At Least, Thirteen Reasons Why I Love Vintage Lingerie

1 Panties which cover & hug from waist to the very bottom of your bottom.

2 Slips which are pretty enough to wear as dresses :sigh:

3 Slips so pretty, they remind you to wear dresses!

4 Real peek-a-boo babydolls which offer sneak-peeks, hints, and teases, rather than leaving nothing to the imagination.

5 Quality. Few & far between are the modern makers of lingerie who put such quality into lace, hems, seams, gussets and dainty details.

6 Foundation garments which create pretty silhouettes — and I don’t just mean the assist in contours, but they smooth & remove panty lines, bra straps, even provide color coverage so that you can wear those panties with the pretty red embroidery and ribbons, or the wild animal print, without giving away your secrets!

7 Foundation garments, not shapers, offer not just pretty silhouettes, but layers… Each a sweet secret leading to another, and another — and another — until it’s your own personal secrets you reveal. Or not. You have so much time to choose if you’ll do so. *wink*

8 Full sweeping skirts on slips and nightgowns that make you feel like dancing & twirling…

9 Colors. Not just day wear in black, white and beige and play wear that’s more red, black or white — but day wear and play wear in countless fabulous shades!

10 More fabric. Not just for the sake of modesty (or a slow, seductive show of immodesty), but more fabric to caress you.

11 Sizes & shapes — created to fit and flatter curves.

12 Romantic, seductive advertising. Most vintage lingerie companies knew how to seduce a woman. As with the modern lingerie styles the current ads opt to bare; vintage makers dared to not go bare and entice the imagination….

13 The improper way nylon whispers

All of which adds up to the Zen-like reminder that dressing is an event. Layers of pretty, sensual fabrics which are so lovely they appeal to the senses and beg you to slow down while getting dressed rather than slap things on to cover up.

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