The Irony of Lingerie

In yet another Hurrah for the bra, we find this information on the huge lingerie revenues:

The world lingerie market is valued at more than $US29 billion ($33.4 billion). For the nine months to September, sales of intimate apparel in the US totalled $US8 billion. In Britain in 2006 the lingerie market was worth pound stg. 2.48 billion ($5.7 billion) and is forecast to grow to pound stg. 2.9 billion over the next five years. In Australia, more than $500 million is spent on lingerie a year.

Which is why is strikes me as so darn odd that Google has banned ads from US lingerie retailer Pampered Passions after deeming them ‘too sexy’ for the UK & European market. I thought money was power here in our capitalistic society…

An extra 100 irony points for reading the news regarding lingerie censorship at a Chinese website.

Image of Michelle Pfeiffer wearing Silk Lingerie from Patricia Fieldwalker.

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