Best Christmas Joke

My sister told this joke to me on Christmas Eve; she heard it at her office’s holiday party.

Three guys show up at heaven on Christmas day and God says they can enter if they each give a Christmas present.

The first guy sticks his hand in his his pocket and pulls out a lighter. He lights it and says, “It’s a candle.” And God lets him in.

The second guy puts his hand in his jacket pocket and pulls out his key ring. He jingles the keys and says, “It’s bells.” And God lets him in.

The third guy panics a little, pats his jacket pockets, then his pants and pulls out a pair of panties & holds them out for God. God says, “That’s underwear.”

The man answers, “They’re Carol’s.”

Speaking of Carol’s panties… Have you seen Carol’s Big Panties dot com?

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