Super Pajamas

Ages ago Sheen V asked for our help:

In the winter my SO sleeps in either sweats or old junky pajamas. I’d like to get her a nice pair of flannels. I don’t want to get her just any plain, ordinary Lands End or LL Bean flannels. I want something stylish, warm, and comfortable. Something that will make her say “Wow! I want to wear these all the time!”, not “My old sweats are just as good. Where’s the receipt?” Kind of like chocolate – I don’t want the Hershey bar of pj’s, I want the imported Euorpean kind that makes one’s toes curl and induces an orgasm. Any ideas or suggestions? I’ll save the romantic lingerie for Valentine’s Day.

I appreciate your help.

Belatedly I reply.

First, the flannels.

Cuddly flannel need not be manly — in fact, it can be girly, sexy and anything but masculine. Like these fun Martini Girl pjs:

Of course, flannel pajamas need not be zany — they can be sophisticated and luxurious too. Like these exotic floral pajamas in pink and chocolate:

If you’d like something more romantic, how about dozens of pink roses from France? This pyjama set also comes with a toiletries bag:

If the only luxury she’ll accept is silky, how about these silk pjs:

These pretty pajamas are called Love Letter Pajamas because she’ll be inspired to write her own love letter when she wears them. (Lucky you!)

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