TMI #113

1. Are you and early shopper or a late shopper?

I used to be an early shopper, but now economics force me to be a late (and creative) shopper.

2. What is your favorite cartoon (current or passed)?

I’m not really into cartoons… Speed Racer maybe? At least that’s the only not-completely- annoying one I can think of at the moment.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how competent are you on home repair projects?

That would depend upon the project. I can do lots of things, but not things involving electrical wiring — or plumbing past use of a plunger lol

Kits that come with directions, like to convert modern doorknobs for use of antique doorknobs, that I can do pretty darn well.

So I’d say I’m a 6 — if we remove wires and water (which shouldn’t touch anyway :p ).

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

I have so many of these! Baking cookies, everyone playing games with the kids (after opening presents and the kids have played with one special toy — older folks sip wine), and being dressed up to sit at an equally fine table, decorating the tree while playing Christmas music… But what it really comes down to is having so much family together.

5. Describe your favorite kiss? Do you give it or receive it?

My favorite kisses are from hubby — the kind he gives while we are sitting on the sofa watching TV and they begin soft or even perfunctory, and then… then they seem to be an invitation — and the next thing I know they are insistent. I melt.

Bonus (as in optional): What is the best holiday gift you have ever gotten? Best you’ve given?

I’m not skipping this, honest. I just can’t think of any one gift that is ‘the best’ because they are all special. Some gifts — especially the handmade ones — are so one-of-a-kind that I value them very much; others are so unexpectedly useful, like some of the kitchen gadgets I’ve been given but never asked for (by extended family, not hubby — he knows better than to do that!). And of course things from my list are loved because they are things I couldn’t afford to get myself — and obviously I’ve been dreaming of them… But who can compare all that and say which is best?

I wouldn’t even presume to know what is the best gift I’ve given. Other than the safe delivery of healthy children to their fathers… which were not for Christmas or anything. And I believe I had some help with that from above. And then again, you could also say they were gifts from their fathers too… and if so, then my kids are the best gifts I’ve been given.

Oh, by the way, the photo used for today’s TMI, is just to spice things up a bit. Not necessarily posted as ‘sexy’, I imagine that the sex appeal of this photo is more potent for the man who took the photo. I bet he thought this was one of his best gifts ever. Not only was she scantily clad for him, but willing to pose too.

Which also means that sometimes the gifts we give are largely made of personal connections, multiple small gifts which add up to so much more. And the gifts and their delivery become part of our memories — and that is the special part which we keep forever. Every time we use that fancy spatula, slip into that robe, watch that DVD, sit and admire that item on the shelf, we remember that someone cared enough about us to select and give us such a neat thing. We say a special thanks in our hearts then, as the frosting is more easily spread, as we snuggle into the warmth of the robe, as we enjoy the film, as we dust and admire our objects…

Gifts are good.

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