The Seemingly-Unlikely Yet Best-Bet Holiday Gift For Your Gal

Contrary to what you may have heard, robes make excellent gifts.

If you’re her lover, leave the terry cloth and giant fluffy ones to the kids and extended family — you get her a luxurious dressing gown of a robe.

They make great gifts this time of year for several reasons.

1) Comfortable Entertaining: Dressing gowns can be worn over the silky little bits which she is not to be seen wearing in front of the kids or unexpected guests who stop by when you’re watching The Christmas Story. Glorious dressing gowns keep her covered, her secrets under-cover, but in classy, sophisticated style. And since the both of you know (because you see the hem of that sheer black nightie, or because she flashes you a peek privately on the stairs) what’s underneath, you have a pretty good idea how you’ll be entertaining one another once you’re alone…

2) Snuggley: Some people make the mistake thinking that the only nice robes are made of thin silk or otherwise aren’t as warm and snuggley as those giant cotton spa robes, and therefore should be gifts left on the list for someone who is not trying to say, “Hey, baby, you’re sexy!” But robes need not be inches think of loopy cotton threads to be snuggley. Velvet is snuggley and warm. So are weighty dressing gowns of quilted satin, like this vintage robe by Rothley.

3) Luxurious: Rich fabrics, such as this velvet robe with decadent details by Soft Surroundings, make this a glamorous dressing gown as opposed to ‘just a robe.’ Even if she’s wearing that jersey nightshirt with Rudolph on it from WalMart beneath the robe, she’s going to feel & look like a million dollars. (It also makes her want to touch herself while wearing it — running her fingers along her own form is surely going to make her want you to do the same…)

4 a) Practical: Along with the matter of keeping her scantily clad body both warm and hidden when it ought to be, robes are practical gift solutions when you don’t know her size or style that well. If you fear her ample bosom won’t fit in that babydoll, are unsure if she likes thongs (or any other lingerie style), or just aren’t certain if you should be giving her that tiny bit of nylon and lace (without getting slapped in the face!), then consider a robe. Their generous shape means your generous gift will avoid some of those lingerie gift giving problems.

4 b) Practical Vintage: Sometimes vintage fashions can be difficult gifts to give, what with their plethora of sizing discrepancies. But vintage robes and dressing gowns, especially those which are not too-fitted, are more forgiving in fit than other vintage apparel items. You may have to look a bit harder to find her size — and I do recommend consulting with the seller to verify measurements or her thoughts on how this vintage robe would compare with modern sizes. But when you give this robe to your lady love, she’ll squeal with delight and you’ll know the extra few minutes were worth it!

5) Pamper & Spoil Her: Certainly the luxury of fine robes and dressing gowns spoils her, but let’s face it; it’s the price too. Such glamour isn’t something most women can afford to just go get themselves. It’s such a fancy thing she feels she’s being selfish to spend so much money on herself. Or she feels that she isn’t worthy of such glamour when she has that (stained) pink thing hanging on that hook on the back of the bathroom door… But when she opens that box and sees that you think she is? Voila! You’re a hero!

5 b) Really Spoil Her: When she appears in the ratty old bathrobe and tells you that she doesn’t want to ruin the lovely one you gave her snacking on the couch, boldly go forth and spoil her as no other has. Say, “Go ahead, honey, and put it on; if you do ruin it, I’ll get you another one.” Wow. I’m feeling butterflies in my own tummy just typing that. Telling her she’s worth it — worth wearing it and even wearing it out to the degree you’ll get her another — that will make her feel like a queen.

6) Sexy: As if all the photos here (or anything else I’ve said) isn’t enough to convince you of the sex appeal of a robe, here’s another point: They have to be better than that bulky sweatshirt and sweats. (Uuug-ly!)

Still not enough? Just imagine her completely nude beneath one on her way to or from a bath… She’ll be thinking of you every time she slips into it — how can you not think of her slipping out of it? See? Sexy!

So this holiday, get her a sexy dressing gown and be her sexy hero!

Click here for more of my thoughts on & places to find sexy robes for women. (And don’t forget eBay!)

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