Leg Warmers

It’s cold here — damn cold here. So, along with over the knee socks, I’m looking for leg warmers. Here are a few of my finds.

This classic dancer type, in pink or black, is quite practical. Comfy when you’re at home, presentable out and about running errands, and inexpensive, these are almost required for those of us who suffer through cold winter environments.

For a more luxurious leg warmer, get these long Angora leg warmers. Available in black, fawn & ivory, these aren’t just about the spoiling factor. Angora wool is the lightest natural fiber known and the hollow fiber structure makes it ideal for thermal clothing.

If you’re the DIY type and like more whimsical retro styles, try knitting these leg warmers.

For the more adventurous or outrageous, these fuzzy leg warmers come in many styles and colors — my favorites are those with the flame design.

And, for those who are either really cold or have a fuzzy fetish, you might like the mohair catsuits.

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