Panty Madness

Always Aroused Girl has created a sex blog panty round-up for Fleshbot. Not that I’m saying any of you read erotica or anything… I’m just sayin’… *wink*

Anyway, at that round-up they posted the photo I’ve re-posted here, from Sweet White Panties. Ignoring the ick-factor at the use of ‘teens’ :shudder: I’ll move on to my point.

The panties and skirt are very school-girl-get-up, right? Make that very Catholic School Girl Fantasy. Which is something Angela is talking about. In Catholic School Girl Gone Bad she talks about this from the point of said bad Catholic school girl:

The thing is that I adore men and always have. And I’ve always been able to wrap them around my finger. This isn’t necessarily a comment on my sexual prowess; it’s more about insecurity and being the daughter of an absentee, alcoholic father. I spent three of my four years of college in therapy addressing these issues, and I still am working on them.

But I did say that I’m working on the issues. I’m far from cured. It’s a slippery slope with one step forward and two steps back. And a girl has got to have some fun after all. I mean it is called dysFUNctional, after all. So why not? And I am in the business of FemDom phone sex.

There is something about a Catholic school girl that just drives guys crazy. Is it the pleated, plaid skirt? Perhaps the cute knee socks? Or maybe, right at the beginning, something in our baptismal waters acts like fairy dust to change us into stupendous cock teases? Probably, when you get right down to it, all Catholic school girls are destined to go bad, sooner or later. At least a little bit.

Of course, the phrase “going bad” is very subjective. I take it to mean going bad in a very good way. I like being bad in a good way and I like being good at being bad. Maybe we “enlightened” all-grown-up catholic girls should be known as porn-again catholic girls. We got our training and knowledge regarding the male animal while growing up amidst the rituals, sacraments and orthodoxy of our faith; but as young ladies figuring out the very real advantage women have over men (we have it, you want it) we come fully into bloom in a very feminine way. Our religious training is part of who we are. Only now we use it to our advantage.

As if that weren’t enough (and frankly, reading Angela, I’m usually pretty sated — I would likely perish on a phone call with her), Gloria Brame’s talking about her panties. Um, no, not Angela’s panties (though, frankly, that would be one post I’d pay to read!); no, not even about Gloria’s own panties (ditto earlier sentiments). Gloria’s talking about the white panties beneath the school girl outfit — based on this article at the Daily Mail: The (nearly) naked truth: What men REALLY think when they see you strip down to your smalls. According to this plain white panties are higher scoring than black lacy frills and stockings.

I’ll be speechless for now, but will be back with a rant or diatribe later. Right now, you should just go visit all the links and enjoy the panty madness. Who knows, there might be a quiz…

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