Be Thankful For…

Lingerie, of course!

Thirteen Things to be thankful about lingerie

Specifically… (but in no particular order!)

1 Stockings
2 Bras, but bra shopping? not-so-much *wink*
3 Gowns
4 Slips
5 Camis
6 Panties — cuz going commando can kill you! (Related: What can kill you: MRSA, my report on why shopping can make you sick, and a reminder in honor of Black Friday, Retail Shopping Lessons For Beginners.)
7 Vintage Lingerie
8 Over-the-knee socks
9 Girdles
10 Corsets
11 The lingerie ads
12 Men who give lingerie

And of course, women in lingerie!

Image credits: George’s Girls.

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