To Answer Your Questions…

No, I haven’t fallen victim to the black hand, just been in sort of a funk.

While I struggle to get back on track — at the same time I tackle a holiday — please forgive my one-post-fits-all way of addressing your emails. I am doing my best to reply to each & every one of you dears, but I know some of you are ready to call in the Marines — or worse yet, Gracie. *wink*

Several of you have, along with emails expressing worry and concern (which I do thank you for; it’s very sweet of you all), requested a postal address to send holiday cards & whatnot. You know I’m terribly phobic of any personal info given out, but I would so love to exchange cards with those of you who will allow it… What to do?

The problem has been solved by the lovely & fabulous Gracie who has, in between ass-kickings & hand-holdings, graciously offered the use of her business address. You may send cards to me there, “C/O Gracie (SofaG)”, and she’ll get them to me asap. If you’d like me to send you a card, please email me with your mailing address (even if you think I have it — I am terribly disorganized at the moment).

OK, now we return you to your regularly scheduled lingerie programing…

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