Lingerie For Real Hooters

I have to say that I’ve never seen a bra quite like this — and I’m fascinated.

This very sheer vintage, strapless, bullet bra has a tag which reads: MAASCOT Foundations by W. S. Maas Inc; Made of DuPont Nylon Do Not Iron.

Did anyone ever iron their bras? And who would even dream of ironing a bra made of nylon — let alone such a sheer bit of lingerie?

But that’s not what really fascinates me.

Those fabric covered wires — in complete circles — look like eyeglass frames. Frames surrounding a pair, your pair, of what I imagine would look like bulging eyes — complete with colored irises, thanks to your areolas.

Popping-out like that deserves an “Aoouga!”, like those old car horns, doncha think?

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