Cold Hands, Warm Heart; But Cold Feet Just Make Me Cranky

It’s getting cold here — too damn cold. Especially for one who likes to wear a slip and a vintage bed jacket at night. But I don’t necessarily want to wear, and possibly ruin, stockings — what with the cat running about as she does.

I can either sit and bitch, or I can do something about it.

My solution? Over-the-knee socks.

Comfy, cozy, and very, very sexy.

Check out the great selection, and wonderful photos, at Sock-Dreams.

Some of these are too pretty to just keep at home… So pair ’em with a skirt and take them out and about with you. Long skirts, short skirts, it doesn’t matter. You (and he) will know what you’re wearing… And that thought alone will keep you warm.

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