8 Year Old Twin Boys Invent Wedgie-Proof Undies

Eight-year-old twins Jared and Justin Serovich were caught giving each other wedgies. When their mother, Julie, caught them and took them to task for their actions, Julie’s partner, Judy Kimberly, sarcastically suggested that someone should invent wedgie-proof underwear.

The boys not only took the challenge seriously, creating the “Rip Away 1000”, but they were among the finalists for the central Ohio competition of the 2007 Invention Convention and earned an invitation to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. According to The Columbus Dispatch, the boys had this to say:

“We took some old pairs of underwear and cut the bottom and side seams and put in Velcro,” Jared explained.

Added Justin: “When the person tries to grab you — like the bully or the person tries to give you a wedgie — they just rip away.”

Found via Neatorama.

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