I’m A Sexy, Sexy Blogger

Um, maybe not. That’s a subjective thing, right? But that’s what I said when Erotic Mandy asked me if I considered myself a sexy blogger in her interview with me at Sexy Blog Reviews.

If that doesn’t make me sound stuck on myself, what do you think happened when I discovered I was the first person to be interviewed in her new feature, “An Interview With A Sexy Blogger”? And this after a really kind review of this-here blog4/5 Orgasms? For a lil ol lingerie blog? Mandy, you’re too kind. (But I love it!)

As if that weren’t flattering enough Mandy says I gave “thoughtful and to be honest, thought provoking answers” and complimented me on my “fabulous sense of humor”.

Mandy baby, I just might have to swing for you — you know, hit for the other team… You’re a doll.

I thought it was getting pretty hot in there… then I thought it was just me. Maybe it was Mandy all along. *wink*

Anyway, you should check out my interview — because you, yes you, dear reader, are mentioned…

Now, you’ll have to excuse me; I have to go hose myself off.

Image from Wetlook Online.

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