Stay At Home Glamour

You know, we hear more & more about our cocooning habits and America’s casual trend — neither of which show any signs of slowing or changing in the other direction — so it really makes more sense to spend money on exquisite lounging attire such as gowns, pajamas, and scrumptious robes and dressing gowns than on a fancy cocktail dress (which, if we are lucky, will see one maybe two outings before we either outgrow it or it becomes too dated looking).

If you’re looking for stay-at-home glamour, you have to see the designs by Jane Woolrich:

Yes, ladies, Jane is aware of our real shapes — she makes her lingerie in women’s sizes, up to size 26.

Have you ever seen such romance, such attention to detail? Well, not with modern lingerie companies… This stuff harkens back to the golden age of lingerie.

I’ve never seen such pajamas — outside of a classic film or vintage movie pictures magazine. This is the stuff Garbo and Harlow wore.

Santa… I’ve been very, very good. I deserve to own and wear something so lovely. Even if the thought of owning such things makes me light-headed and ready to swoon just sitting here and looking at them on the monitor. Puh-leeze, Santa, baby…

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