Gifting Panties

Today’s question is from Mitch, who wants to know…

If I can’t give just panties, how can I gift panties — and not look like an idiot?

If you’re not comfortable buying a gift and just adding panties as a stocking stuffer, make your own gift set. Package several items together, on a theme, with the panties as part of the gift. Widgets

Here are some possibilities for panty gift packages:

Pampering Panties Pedicure Package:
Panties and nail polish in the same shade, along with a basket full of other items for a pedicure, is simply divine.

These Panties Were Made For Walking Set: Panties and high-heel designer shoes in the same shade or pattern — if the shoes will seriously be able to be worn with an outfit she can wear in public — is dreamy. (If unsure of the practicality of public display of the shoes, imagine them worn with a classic little black dress. If the shoes cannot be worn with a little black dress, they are likely stripper shoes and you are back at square one, with a gift for yourself and not your lady. If they can be worn with a classic little black dress, send one of those along too.)

Diamonds and Panties: A diamond necklace, earrings, bracelet, set against the gleaming satin of panties is hot. If she looks at you strangely, tell her that you didn’t want her guessing it was jewelry — and that you’d never give her jewels set against tissue!

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