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Attention: TMI is late because it was posted late — and there’s no pic today because blogger is having image posting problems. :sigh:

1. If they kept stats of your sex life like they do in sports, what would you lead the league in? what all time record would you hold?

I’m not a very competitive person, so I’ve never thought of sex — let alone my sex — in any such terms. I think I’d be more like the mascot or something… Maybe the towel girl?

2. What song gets you in the mood to have sex? best music to fuck to? best music to make love to?

Well, that depends entirely upon my mood to begin with…

If I’m angry or frustrated, which can happen a lot to a mom who works from home, give me some kick-ass rock and roll or bluesy guitar and I’ll go from bitch and moan to your moaning bitch — provided your fingers can play me like Stevie Ray Vaughan played his guitar.

3. Where is your favorite place to have sex in your house/apartment?

In bed.

I’m a simple girl.

4. (girls) Have you sent or given your used panties to a guy? Do you know what happened to them? (guys) Have you taken/asked for a girls panties before? What did you do with them? (non-breeders) What is the protocol for this “tradition”?

I’ve had some stolen — and believe me, I’ve noticed which panties were missing from my collection! More than once I’ve gone so far as to drive to an ex’s after the break-up to demand my panties back.

I’ve never given — as in, ‘you now own these’ — but I have loaned them… I’m pretty sure I know what happened to them because they were clean — too clean — when I got them back. If it was just to sniff, then I doubt they would have washed them. *wink*

5. What makes a kiss a great to you?

When you get just as lost in their lips as you can get in their eyes… Feels like falling. I’ve never been able to have such great kisses with men whose eyes I couldn’t get lost in. So I guess that would mean there has to be some sort of emotional component, be it ‘the real thing’ or an infatuation, in order for me to have those fabulous kisses.

Bonus: Who pays for a date? If the girl asks a guy out, does she pay? If you are interested in same sex partners, how do you determine who pays?

I think if you do the asking, you do the paying. Though there are the sneaks, like yours truly, who sill phrase it so that he has to pay. Like, “How would you like to…” And of course, playing the flirty game so that he asks you. *wink*

I’m such a girl.

Not that I’m against a woman paying — I have done that myself you know. But I still think since this is a man’s world, men ought to pay for the privilege of escorting a woman. And that he should escort her — squire her. The older I get, the more important the doting is… Maybe it’s not years in terms of my age, but life factors. It’s too easy to take your mate for granted with all the other stuff each of you has to do. So doting, squiring, good old fashioned courting, needs to be

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