Public Dance In Nightie In The Rain

I began to ponder the possibilities of stripping off my warm dressing gown and stepping off the porch into the cold rain. I imagined how the drops would splinter as they hit, creating larger, broader water-spots on the nightie — and how those drops which hit my bare skin would sting. The stinging-clinging wet-cold would make my skin tingle all over in goose-flesh as tight as the puckered tips of my breasts. The more I thought about it, the more I desired to feel awake and alive, pelted with icy rain on a cool October night until my nightie was as saturated and sheer as the crotch of my panties were becoming. I would dance as I stroked and caressed myself to pleasure —

Got your attention? *wink*

This is part of a story, Of Cold Dark October Nights, by Secondhand Rose, and she needs our input on how to finish it. Our choices are:

A) To stand beneath the street light and dance in her nightie in the rain.

B) To be bold, cross the street, knock on his door and slowly seduce the shy man.

C) Dance beneath the light first, then coax a nice warm shower out of him for the two of them.

You all can vote — the poll is on her blog’s sidebar. (I bet you all can guess what I voted for lol)

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