Nigella Lawson: Nearly Naked, But No Foil In The Bedroom

Nigella Lawson poses in tin foil for Esquire and dishes on all sort of sexy things, including stockings:

Lawson, the 47-year-old wife of multi-millionaire art patron Charles Saatchi said: “Stockings never fail to make you feel sexy. I like hold-ups, but the problem is if you’ve got too much meat at the top, you get a bulge there.

“So I often wear those over-the-knee French schoolgirl socks.

“But I know men like the whole strappy thing of suspenders, so I’ll wear them. In fact, thinking about it, I’ve actually worn them with nothing but a pair of shoes in bed before.”

Of her outfit for the photoshoot – for which she was covered in silver baking foil , she said: “I absolutely loved it.

“The foil moulds to the skin and there’s not much freedom of movement, but it felt very sexy. BacoFoil owe me big time.”

The full interview is in the November issue of Esquire, and you can find more at Daily Mail, where she discusses her curvy form.

Lawson said Saatchi, her second husband, is happy with her curves.

She claimed: “I have friends whose husbands tut and complain if they’ve put on a bit of weight. I could never put up with that. It’s got to be total adoration or it’s never going to work for me.

“Like I say to Charles, I don’t ask for much, just 100 per cent attention all of the time. That’s not so unreasonable, is it?”

For more on Nigella’s rightful happiness with her look, see here, which is where this fabulous photo comparison between the sexy cook and Jane Russell is from.

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