World Shocked & Awed To Discover Female Author Wears Bra

I normally don’t play the pandering celeb lingerie bits (finding them incredibly dull and tasteless) but the news about JK Rowling’s bra appearance seems worthy of mention — for different reasons, of course.

Since I found the story found via SPS’s post, let me begin there, with her thoughts:

It made me think of several things, including how our sexuality is stamped by seemingly small events, how we currently freak out over the sight of a bra when bikinis bare more, and yes, of my customers in bookstores.

Sure, bikinis certainly bare more than at least this photograph of Rowling does. But the intoxication isn’t the amount of lace and skin but the fact that we know this bra and the skin around it were not intended for us to be seen. That’s the allure. It’s the secret, and perhaps even her embarrassment over it, which may affect some youngsters, especially those deeply infatuated with the author &/her books. They just may find themselves very into over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders (and their load of boulders) later on in life from this secret peek.

Does that mean the author should be ‘held accountable’ in some fashion? Nope. Rowling clearly wasn’t trying to titillate. And if it isn’t Rowling, it will be these kids Aunt Sues, babysitter Sallys, friends’ moms, and any other number of women from whom the crush on lingerie can begin. It all seems pretty natural to me.

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