Sad Little Weekend, Happy Little Monday

I spent the end of last week playing nursemaid to sick kids (from sinus infections & conjunctivitis to some stomach thing) and then on Saturday, I got the tummy thing myself — ain’t that a kick in the nose?

Well, literally, I did get a kick in the nose. Tickling my son in bed, I got his reflexive knee to my nose.

So far I don’t have any black eyes, but wiggling it, you could hear my nose cartilage crunch and shift unnaturally… Three days later, I still cannot bear to sneeze. And I have discovered that I touch my nose, absentmindedly, about a thousand times a day — just a little brush on the tip when I feel my nose tickle. Now if I do it, pain explodes from teeth to eyes. Blowing it now requires a special finesse.

I do count myself lucky that I did not get the sinus thing.

But seated on my toilet throne, delicately handling my schnoz, means I was less than able to tend to other things and the house fell to ruin over the weekend.

Ah, the joys of motherhood.

So when dear Angela sent me a link to this lingerie company, I fell completely in love with this No Time To Fuck shirt by Nicole Locher.

Like all of Locher’s designs, it combines the lovely needlework and vintage styling with very modern quotes and attitudes. Completely charming. What you end up with is a racy top you can wear in public and to your mom’s house because few will be close enough to read the hysterical (or ‘inappropriate’) text.

A few of my other favorites are the “Cute Little Fuckers” and “I Don’t Play Nice”.

At her blog, Angela also features the accessories made by Locher. My favorite there, naturally, is the Sans Culotte pendant. Sans Culotte is “no panties” in French — and while I of course love panties, the idea of a well-dressed woman without panties is fun.

So visit today — if it cheered me up in spite of my broken nose, queasy tummy and destroyed home, it has to cheer you up!

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