News From Nerys!

Nerys of And God Created Woman emailed me regarding her new products.

Actually, she emailed me weeks ago and the poor thing worried that my slacking in post duties was some sort of ill-comment on her new goodies (nothing like upsetting folks to make you realize you need to get your ass in gear with the flooded inbox). Of course, nothing could be further from the truth! The new products are as dreamy and seductive as the original line.

Who doesn’t like a silk robe with a huge swath of silk to belt it? Sure, you can get your pure Egyptian cotton (both in terms of cotton quality and white color), but me? I’m thirsting for the Champagne silk, dahlink.

Of course, the black silk isn’t a bad idea either… Might need two of these…

But look again at the kimono belt… Nerys says it wraps around the waist twice… Brings to mind other ideas, yes?

Moving from my dirty mind to dirty lingerie, Nerys brings us one cute & practical lingerie bag.

Made of super-smooth satin chiffon silk, this lingerie bag from And God Created Woman isn’t for washing your delicate bits — oh, no, this is for packing the delicates which adorn your delicate bits while you travel. (Hear that, hubby-O-mine? ‘Travel’, as in whisk me away from it all… It says so right on that sweet little tag on the lingerie bag!)

Anyway, the lingerie bag is one of those items which seems either very superfluous or some super glamorous artifact from days gone by — but it shouldn’t be viewed as either. It’s very pretty, yes, but it’s quite practical.

It keeps your undergarments from the hazards of travel, such as exploding shampoos and other goos as well as snags from nasty zippers and shoe-heels (such bastards!) If you’ve never owned a lingerie bag, get one and see. Get this one and you’ll spoil yourself while you protect and pamper your panties. And that’s a promise from Slippity Do Da herself.

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