The End of Muffin Tops & Whale Tails?

Kelley from MyHip-T contacted me about their new product called the hip-T:

hip-T noun:Stretch fabric hip wrap worn over your jeans, and under your shirt:create sassy layers without all the t-shirt tangle and prevent rear view sneak peeks.

Does your thong make unwanted cameo appearances throughout the day? Less is more when it comes to rear view exposure. hip-T to the rescue! Now you can wrap your goods from waist to hips, covering your girlie assets.

*protect your rear view from an unwanted game of peek-a-boo
*comfy & flattering – adds a layer without all the bulk
*fits smoothly over jeans, shorts or a skirt!

hip-T cover your assets

Here’s the story behind their product:

After years of loving and living in our low rise jeans and layering t-shirt over t-shirt, we had to acknowledge there was a problem. Daily activities such as sitting at a restaurant or bending to tie a shoe were met with constant rear end exposure of one type or another. To make matters worse, we were tired of dealing with bulky messy layers in hopes of camouflaging what might make an appearance with the next bend and snap! Let’s not forget layering is such a great look. So, whether it was butt crack hanging out of the trunk, or using that thin sweatshirt as an additional “cover-up” accessory around the waist, something had to be done short of walking away from the investment we had made in the denim department.

It is true the best products are the simple ones, which make our lives easier and more comfortable. With that in mind, we took an old white t-shirt and cut the bottom half off. We slipped it on around the scene of the crime and layered with another t-shirt. Now it was time for the test – a good deep squat in front of the mirror. Hey – no thong exposure, no bum cleavage and no t-shirt tangle. How easy! The first hip-t was resurrected from the depths of the t-shirt drawer. Hip-hip hurray!

Aside from the fact that Kelley and her partner say they love my site, I’m wondering why they contacted me… Certainly I’m not their demographic in terms of age or fashion sense (I neither wear nor profess a love for hip-huggers, in part due to my age). While I am equally clear on my thoughts on ‘whale tail sightings’ (I find them to be less than classy), I do wonder about the marketability of their product…

It seems to me that if a person wants to hide their girly assets, or be modest in their attire, they would do as myself and others do — which is to wear pants which do not bare so much. I do not see how women who are persuaded into low-rise jeans would fancy spending $20 to cover up the very fashion traits which inspired the purchase. Should a girl buy some jeans which prove to be more trouble than they are worth, they can wear tops and tees which are longer in length and so cover any possibility of pant waistband mishap.

So while on the surface of things the hip-T seems to address the problem of undress, I think the makers mistake the motivations of their market — which is to dare to bare. Those of us who don’t dare to bare (at least not there!) aren’t going to have such needs. This then leaves few who will have an interest in the hip-T… Unless, of course, you count those teens whose parent’s will not let them out of the house ‘looking like that’ who wear the hip-T to pass through the front door only to remove the hip-T in the first bathroom or friend’s car they encounter.

In short, I think the hip-T is a clever product — but as a “cover your assets” product it solves a problem few fashionistas really want solved.

Perhaps they will have better luck selling it to women who want to inexpensively update their current wardrobe for those layered looks — and do so without adding bulk to their frames.

I wish them well, of course; and ask that they please include sizing information (and if necessary, increase sizing for the average woman too).

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