Of Pam & Panties

It wasn’t really called That Panty Episode, but it could have been. Maybe. The photos are from the episode entitled Women’s Appreciation and I imagine I wasn’t the only one speculating on the panties Pam wears…

I love this episode for more than just the panties. It’s destined to be a classic.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Michael: Let’s face it, most guys are from the Dark Ages. They’re cavemen. And they like a woman to be showing her cleavage, and to be wearing eight-inch heels, and to be wearing, um, see-through underpants. But for me, a woman looks best when she is just absolutely naked.

Michael: What, um… what do you think of roleplay?
Phyllis: It can be fun.
Michael: Yeah? Well, Jan has this schoolgirl fantasy…
Karen: It’s a pretty common one.
Michael: I just— I just feel uncomfortable wearing the dress.
Angela: Okay, I’m going to be at the doll store.

Michael: I like cuddling and spooning, and she likes videotaping us during sex.
Pam: Oh my god…
Michael: And then watching it back right afterward to improve my form.
Karen: That is not healthy behavior.
Michael: No, it’s not that bad. The worst part is, that she shows it to her therapist and they discuss it.

Pam: I’m kind of in between boyfriends right now. So I don’t need anything sexy. But I do need some new hand towels, I figure I could cut up this robe.

This episode is also one of Jenna Fischer’s personal favs and I’m betting it’s for the same reasons. *wink*

Here are some official outtakes from that episode of The Office:

Photos via JustJared.

Also see 10 Things Learned from that episode.

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