Fun With Vintage Lingerie Ads

Buy Two, Get One Free is a sale that will get my attention, so I had to poke about and look at all the vintage lingerie advertisements… These are a few of my favorites:

I love this ad for Dream Girl lingerie because the harem outfit boasts, “it is doubled at the right places, which makes it the perfect answer for hostess wear.” Serving guests dressed as a harem girl; that would make you a perfect hostess… Does sex come with that cup of coffee?

Two comments for this ad…

Ladies, if you are shy, instead of asking for a breast exam, ask your doctor to take a look at your “beauty zone”.

And hey Oprah, women have always been unhappy with their ill-fitting bras. According to this vintage ad, 47 out of 100 women were years ago… That’s got to be nearly half of them. *wink* And I bet the other girls were lying.

(Hey, that’s twice as funny because ‘girls’ without bullet bras will lay rather than point… Ah, I crack myself up at this hour.)

This one is my favorite. The idea of one of my friends just bluntly screaming, “Look at those bulges!” at me is enough to make me shriek myself.

Given the age of this ad, back in the day when women were taught that they were competing with each other for men, one gal saying this to another is virtually screaming, “Hey, I’m gonna take your man, you fat cow!” Now that ought to start a cat fight right quick. (I’m not saying friends aren’t honest, but we do have loads more tact.)

The last panel, where she thanks her pal, that sure should have the word bitch in it… Like this: Thanks for telling me,” dripping with sarcasm. “Now I’m taking your men, bitch — yeah, I said ‘men’ because I’m taking your husband, your dad, and your teenage son too.”

Vintage ads are too much fun.

Or maybe it’s the caffeine making me so mean.

Again, all ads were found at antique&vintageads (in the vintage fashion ads section) where the sale is purchase any two ads at regular price ($9.99 and up), and receive any one ad in the store (not auctions) at $9.99 or less.

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