It’s Enough To Make You Want To Have A Baby

The Cassandra Smooth Collection is now available for viewing at

I love the details on their bras. And those pretty pearls aren’t just well, pretty — they are snaps allowing for discreet front nursing access. Yup, these are nursing bras. (Can you stand it?!)

The Cassandra Breastfeeding Brassiere has a Patent Pending for the design, which not only balances comfort, support and functionality, but super sex appeal! For proof, check out stunning photos are their website.

What I love about the new Smooth Collection is that this bra will be even more practical. While the lace bra is lovely (and hot, hot, HOT!), it’s not always the best choice with smooth fitting tees and sweaters.

I may not have any babies to feed, but I’ve got a man with needs… Perhaps he’d appreciate the full-frontal access?

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