TMI Tuesday #102

1. Who did you think you would marry in elementary school?

I don’t recall having those supposedly typical marriage fantasies… But I guess in order to play along I’ll say Ty. Cause he was the only boy who was nice to me.

2. Which muppet is your favorite? Why?

Those two old guys in the balcony. Wise-crackin’ old dudes are a hoot.

Yeah, I’d do ’em. (Both the two muppets at the same time and, in general, old wise-crakin’ funny dudes — if I weren’t already taken, that is… But I suppose the muppets would still be OK. *wink*)

3. Which politician would you most like to screw? [For pleasure or revenge]

Do I hafta screw a politician? I can’t think of anyone I know enough about, let alone good things about, to have sex with them… And I don’t believe there is such a thing as a revenge screw — any sex with me would be a reward. :p

If you’ll allow dead politicians (and since this is all a hypothetical, why not?), I’d do President Kennedy. I’d like to see if he was as bad a lay as they say. And then Marilyn and I could compare notes… With Jackie O even!

4. How did you first find the g-spot?

I do believe I have one, but never hunted for it. Vaginal sex just sort of allows for that to be ‘appreciated’, at least for me & hubby.

5. What is the best costume you’ve ever worn?

I went as Marilyn Monroe, with my own vintage gold wiggle dress (with proper vintage foundation garments, of course), vintage rhinestone jewelry, stockings, fab vintage gold tone pumps and my own (albeit, bleached) hair. I’ve even worn the whole ‘costume’ for special occasions (blond and non-blond) too. I love that outfit and any reason to wear it works for me!

Bonus (as in optional):Does pornography liberate or deteriorate society?

Liberate, of course. Strangling the freedom of expression, artistically &/or sexually, isn’t any good. If you don’t like it, don’t visit/buy/partake/view.

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