Now This Is How You Sweep Around The House

It’s getting colder, ladies, so it’s time to think about robes and dressing gowns.

There’s no need to walk about in that tatty ratty robe the kids or your mom gave you five years ago. It may be comfortable in it’s sloppy Velveteen Rabbit loved-until-it’s-real way, but that’s not glamour — or a confidence builder. (If you really are wearing such a robe, no wonder you’ve been feeling frumpy!)

Leave the cotton-jobs for the kids and your parents to give you at holiday time (you will need a replacement) and buy yourself a glamour girl robe, like this satin one from Trashy:

Love the Hollywood Golden Age appeal with the tailored bodice and sides, button-up bodice and the wide sweeping skirt. (Now you get the post title, right?)

Splurge! I command thee.

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