Vintage Fashions Lead To Passions

Author Richard V Raiment to dishes on his love of writing historical erotica:

As mentioned briefly in my original reply, fashion too plays a part. In Salem, Mass, a year or two ago I found a wonderful emporium of 17th and 18th century style clothes and still wish (a) that I had a great deal more money and (b) that I could easily return there in order to pick up the wonderful full-sleeve shirts, brocaded coats and vests, capes and so on. I wonder if it is an indication of how far we have strayed from the natural path that we are perhaps the only species where the male has come to have the most drab plumage?

Only late did it occur to me to wonder how ladies in those extraordinary full and often layered skirts managed to go to the toilet, and it was a joy to discover that for a very long time it was facilitated by the fact that they wore no underwear as such. A lover naked beneath a rain- or fur coat is one thing, a lover naked beneath that awesome formality of hat, hair, bodice and clothing… is quite a-delightful-nother.

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