Making It Harder For Men To Take A Peep

The Bosom Button™ is a handmade invention which is lover over-due:

created by a woman who experienced the same wardrobe problem as many of you. One morning while trying to properly “hide” a safety pin in order to keep a wrap dress closed a lightbulb went off in her head! Why not create a pin that is not meant to be hidden, is easy to use and adds style to your clothes? And so Bosom Button was born!

No more wedging your hand inside your top try after try to solve the problem of ‘that gap’ — and made with Swarovski crystals, other quality stones and gems they’re beautiful too.

The darling buttons can be used to keep bra straps up by using a Bosom Button to secure the strap to your top (but really, ladies, you ought to know enough here by now to buy properly fitting bras!) and they have other uses as well. Get some — you know you need ’em.

Found via SpreeMail.

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