What He Really Thinks About Your Girlie Habits

From Hear what he really thinks about your little girlie habits:

WE ladies go through some often painful experiences, all in an effort to make ourselves seem more attractive to men. They say there’s no beauty without pain, and so we’ll sit for hours under a blazing hot hairdryer; get our legs painfully waxed; and pluck the hair from our eyebrows, in that ultimate quest to look more beautiful than the next woman.

And then, many of us will go home, and our men will be sitting on the couch, hardly seeming to notice all the effort we’ve put out. This week we ponder, do men really care about all the things we claim to do to impress them? Do they really care about all our little girlie habits?
Here’s what your men really think about:

1. You wearing sexy lingerie

* “It’s a definite turn-off when I see my girl in granny panties. Either wear something sexy or wear nothing at all.”

* “When you see your girl in lingerie, especially those mesh ones, you know you’re getting something special. I love seeing her in sexy nighties.”

Our suggestion: Lingerie does matter, go out and get some!

Well, I’d say “Duh” but then there are a few (very few) surprises in this ‘tell all.’

However, I do always wonder why men like mesh lingerie… I don’t feel offering my man ‘lingerie’ made of pantyhose is sexy. And he’d better not bring me any either. “Oh, honey — it’s a box of one-size-fits-all night! Meeooow!” Not.

Oh, and the photo of Brooke Adams may be sexy, but wouldn’t she be sexier yet in vintage lingerie?

The biggest surprise was this one on how men feel about revealing dress:

“The more a girl reveals, the sexier it is for us men but she shouldn’t reveal too much. I hate when you can look down a girl’s blouse and see the whole of her breasts, especially if the breasts are big. But, it looks very attractive when you see a girl’s breast shaped out in her blouse.”

He hates to look down a girls’ top and see the whole of her breasts — especially if the breasts are big?!

I’d call him a liar, but I honestly don’t even understand what he’s saying.

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