$35 Million For His Bookings And My Thoughts Aren’t Even Worth A Penny?

Christian Audigier rings up $35 million in bookings at Las Vegas shows… And this means we’re all supposed to be ga-ga for them.


I just don’t see the novelty in another tattoo-inspired line — especially when it’s by some dude who once worked for American Eagle Outfitters (blech). As for the claims of being a women’s lingerie designer, well, sizes XS thru L only aside, where’s the spectacular design quality in boyshorts, camis and thongs?

I’m not saying the pirate-panties aren’t cute, but we’ve seen this all before. And let’s be honest — this isn’t intimate apparel design so much as graphic design.

What I’d really like to see is the stuff shown at the Smet site:

Where’s that set of goodies at?

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