God May Have Created Woman, But Nerys Is Pampering Her

Nerys Hebdon of And God Created Woman emailed me to thank me for mentioning her lovely boudoir pillow and let me know she’d like to link back to A Slip of a Girl in the press section of her website. That was rather grand of her, I thought, and so when I sent her a button for her press page I pushed the envelope and asked for an interview. Nerys (pronounced Ne-riss; sounds like ‘cherish’) agreed.

Nerys: Did you realise you’ve got the very first scoop?!

Slip: Heavens, no! I love scoops! Ice cream, news — news covered in ice cream lol Isn’t the Internet marvelous allowing us to hook up! Now, please, do tell us a bit about yourself… What you did before this company, what led you to this place in life.

Nerys: I worked in finance for 10 years and was lucky enough to move to Luxembourg, New York and London with work. I’ve always wanted to start my own business though so last year I crossed my fingers and quit my job.

Slip: What was the inspiration?

Nerys: Hmm… good question. It really evolved. I think last year’s hot summer warmed my blood and as I had left my job my mind was free to wander and develop ideas. The fabrics are an inspiration too — feeling the smooth, cool satin on my skin or seeing a body’s contour through translucent chiffon… my head is full of ideas!

Slip: Your website mentions that the company name is an homage to Brigitte Bardot, and that the idea behind the brand “is to create bedroom interiors that are sexy, but subtle” — boy, do I have multiple questions along those lines lol

Ask away!

I like subtle. Less is definitely more. A shared look full of intent can be more powerful and eloquent then words. I wanted to capture that essence in the products.

Slip: When did you become enamoured with Brigitte?

Nerys: I had a holiday in St. Tropez last year and her image was everywhere.

Slip: Brigitte is quite an icon, a sex kitten. Like your products, she’s sexy but with an air of mystery and glamour. That’s rather rare in this world of cheap, have-it-now, trashy stuff.

Nerys: I think she has an enduring appeal. Languid, natural, confident, joyful… grown-up sexy.

Slip: All words which should describe attitudes towards sex — especially “natural.” But I find that many lingerie brands and other companies with products which are clearly associated with sex — sell themselves based on sex even — are reluctant to be associated directly with sex. For example, there are restrictions on ads, affiliate programs, and places where the products might be seen. And there are outrageous reactions to sexy women. Have you run into any similar troubles or reactions with your company?

Nerys: I’ve had a few sales calls which have ended abruptly with “we don’t do anything like THAT!” and one lady even wiped her hands clean on her skirt after reading a flyer. But I’m happy to say those reactions have been far out-numbered with those of support and enthusiasm — in fact I’ve had a lot of candid reactions “remember when we used to do that dear?!”

Slip: Someone actually said, “remember when we used to do that dear?!” I don’t know whether to giggle or cry over that… Why should people have stopped?!

Nerys: I know what you mean… he still had a twinkle in his eye though!

It reminds me of the quote “When things don’t work well in the bedroom, they don’t work well in the living room either”. I think there’s a lot of truth in that.

Slip: All of your products are sensual — not just their appearance, but what they’re for. I mean a silky pillow to bind, a feather tickler — there’s no mistaking that these are for adult play. But at the same time, they have the elements of elegance and glamour I mentioned before. What I love about vintage lingerie is very much what I love about your line. Do you have plans to create other products? If yes, care to dish on any?

Nerys: Yes, I’m busy finalising the new products now – they’ll be available in the next few weeks. I’m going to make you wait just a little bit longer… but I will tell you about the lingerie bag, as I think you’ll love it. It’s made from a delicate, champagne-coloured, satin chiffon and where you open the zip there’s a ribbon loop with the words ‘Whisk Me Away’.

Slip: Terribly cute! What about lingerie?

Nerys: No plans as yet, although the new products do include a beautiful silk robe.

Well, OK, readers, now you know what you need to do: Support Nerys and shop at And God Created Woman. And be sure to pester her for lingerie! A woman — a company — who understands what subtle and sensual are really ought to be bringing us fabulous seductive lingerie along with such goodies for our boudoirs, yes? Yes!

Update: And don’t miss the other part of my interview with Nerys over at Sex Kitten — Nerys tips her hand a bit and tells us of another sexy boudoir product coming soon!

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