Lingerie Shop In Brazil

The following is from Eugenia Del Vigna, a lingerie lover from Brazil, who has achieved her dream of a lingerie shop.

She emailed me to tell me more about herself and included the wonderful photos of her store!

(Please note that English is not Eugenia’s native language.)

I’m addicted to lingerie since I was a kid – just loved to get panties as birthday gifts at age of 6, 7, while every other girl wanted toys, etc! I always dreamed about having my own business and decided to turn my passion for lingerie into my profession. Last May, my dream finally came true: I opened my own lingerie store in Belo Horizonte city, Minas Gerais state, in Brazil. I would like to share with you the concept of Taye, that brings a new type of lingerie store at least here in my country.

To promote a harmonious and pleasant relationship of the woman with herself, her body and mind. That’s Taye’s proposal, the lingerie store in Brazil that brings a new concept, focused on well-being. With a different enviroment, well prepared consultants and high quality products, Taye innovates to provide well-being and confort, in a elegant, sofisticated and unique way.

Taye means precious, adorable and darling. Just everything a woman wants to be. The store offers a complete range of products of the greatest lingerie brands in Brazil, and also sleepwear and loungewear (a new concept of clothes to use at home, confortable and also beautiful, so you don’t have to change clothes just to get the newspaper or to receive someone unexpected in your home on a sunday).

Also, Taye offers cosmetic products, such as body lotions, bath oil, bath soaps and salts, aromatic oils, inspired in ayurvedic philosophy, chromoterapy and floral therapy concepts. Everything to help women to harmonize and feel good about themselves.

Here, the lingeries stores are usually tiny, with only some products displayed in the store, and the rest of them are kept closed in drawers – you have to ask the seller to show you what you are looking for. On the research we did with consumers while doing the business plan, we discovered the women wanted to see every option, to touch, to be able to choose for herself with liberty and discretion.

Therefore, Taye was projected to provide exactly what women are looking for. All products available are displayed in the store, and are organized by colours, according to cromotherapy concept. The store has 3 distinct areas: the Confort Zone, where the day-by-day products are; the Sofisticated Zone, with night and sexy lingeries, and the Bride’s room, a space dedicated to products specially designed for brides. Also, there are couches, a coffee corner and a huuge fitting room. The store is located on the second floor of a historical house, so it’s privative and discret.

Taye has a website and a blog — both are in Portuguese, but you can see the pretty photos!

Stay tuned, as I hope we’ll be hearing more from Eugenia soon.

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