I’ve Been Bra Shopping

Back to school shopping is not only expensive, but exhausting. If binders and #2 pencils were the only things required it would be fine — or at least manageable. But clothes shopping?! Yikes.

I even went with my sister and her 18 year old daughter, who is autistic, to buy bras. If any of you know any autistic people, you know that this can be terribly frustrating for all involved. Not only does my niece dislike clothing shopping which involves the fitting room in general, she is terribly upset by bra shopping. Can’t say I blame her. A 34B by one maker isn’t a 34B (or even a 36B or 34C) by another maker, so you can spend quite a large amount of time just trying to figure out sizes. Her Asperger’s only makes things more confusing.

Since my niece also has grown quite a bit this past year (growth slowed by some medications in her earlier years has made her a very late bloomer, and newer medications in the past few months have ‘weight gain’ as a lovely side effect) she was nearly at the first bra buying experience.

And since it’s just her personality to be on the prudish side as far as people seeing her nude and near nude, well, she doesn’t welcome help in the fitting room.

Explaining to her that she’d need to go from an ill-fitting C cup to a DD (or even larger) was shocking to her. These sizes also meant under-wires, something she hates what with all the sensory integration issues, so she was very unhappy. Trying to explain that straps must be adjusted, both the hook & eyes band in the middle and the shoulder straps, before any decision could be made nearly drove her to tears.

My niece must have tried on 30 bras in that hour in the fitting room with my sister and I taking turns running for other sizes, styles, colors etc. and of course, checking the fit on each one.

We were so busy patiently explaining to her about how to check for fit etc that several other women in the fitting room at Kohl’s came up to us commenting that they wish they’d have had either of us with them the first time they were bra shopping — a few even asked us to help them. We had to politely decline as we had our hands full as it was — but it was nice to be appreciated, and I do think it helped my niece to see that all women face this frustration buying bras.

I will post a list of those tips here later (because I promised a few ladies I would as I scribbled this blog’s url down on their shopping bags, receipts etc.), but for now I just had to fill you in on what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been.

As a reward for myself that day, I got a brand new Lilyette minimizer — on sale for $6.20, no less! Pretty too.

Because you, my darlings had to put up with me being away for days, I decided to share a photo of it. (Yes, I am finally appearing here in lingerie — do not get used to it!)

I would like to note, for my personal vanity as well as credibility as a ‘bra lady’ that the under wire marks you see lower on my ribcage are not the result of an ill-fitting bra, but due to my cat who was, prior to having hubby snap the photo, laying on my chest as I reclined on the sofa reading a book.

For the bra fanciers (&/or Slip of a Girl fans) this Lilyette bra (style 972) is a 36DDD, in off-white or ‘Pearl’, and has lovely embroidery including on sheer upper cup.

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