Contours International Lingerie Awards

The Contours International Lingerie Awards (CILA) were given on Monday (August 6, 2007) and as of yet, no one has a complete listing up. Fashion Wire Daily has a (very) short list and some photos (some of which I’ve shown here.)

Why on earth doesn’t at least Contours have the updated awards listed? They charge a whopping $260.00 per year for a subscription to what is supposed to be the publication for professionals in the intimate apparel industry “with in-depth information and up-to-minute details” — and they can’t even get photos and a complete listing of their own awards? (Hey, a site that looks like it wasn’t made in ’95 with FrontPage would also be nice.)

So when they ask, “So, can you really afford not to read the best publication for intimates?” my answer is, “Yes, I can afford not to.”

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