Twice As Rockin’ (Please Come A-Knockin’!)

So it seems I am twice the Rockin’ Girl Blogger, having been noted as such by both Silent Porn Star and Miss Janey.

I’m in excellent company, and now must decide who should join us…

There are many so deserving, and tried to:

A) not to duplicate (which I sorely wanted to do in a number of cases)

B) hurt any one’s feelings (which I really, really don’t want to do!)

As a sort of disclaimer I also say that I am basing this on long you’ve been around and also tried to spread the love in ‘groups’ with hopes you’ll honor the others in that group I missed. Yes, I said this ’round’ because I was awarded this twice within 24 hours and I am reserve the right to name/award an additional few as I see fit. (As a Rockin’ Girl I can do that Phhfft!)

Anywho, enough of that stuff. I’m supposed to be a Rockin’ Girl Blogger — I shouldn’t need any excuses or disclaimers, right? So here’s my first:

Nordette Adams, formerly Confessions of a Jersey Goddess now at Goddessblogs, is must reading and certainly not fluff.

Chelsea Girl, who I know you all must know and therefore know why I wonder she doesn’t have this award already — and who I know doesn’t do memes so I have to say, “But hon, I swear, it’s not a meme; it’s an award!”

Pop Tart, who has so many blogs, really… But this is the one I keep mentioning here, so there you go!

Bunny who leads the way down the rabbit hole for the rest of us Alice types.

Vixen who dares to bare now and then (but if you looked like that, wouldn’t you too?)

If you’re on the list, you post the award button (feel free to choose the one you adore), and name your five Rockin’ Girl Bloggers.

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