Trauma & Drama

Over at Silent Porn Star, where I found this lovely image of Marilyn, she has this fabulous post about Marilyn’s ghost.

Well, maybe it’s not about her ghost… More like it’s about her status as an icon — what achieving cultural iconic status may do to you after you die. Or maybe it’s about all the stuff I have here — right here where I sit! — and how I’m all creeped out now.

Thanks, SPS, for making me afraid of what I might be doing — right at this very minute — posting her image. But, in my defense, who can resist a lady in a sheer black nightie and full cut panties?! (I know, I know; that’s part of the problem…)

Turn-about is fair play. So now I must tell you how I’ve been scarred by terry cloth. (Guaranteed to make you go “Eeeiiiwww” or your money back.)

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