Thank Rhonda?

At first I wanted to thank Rhonda Shear for offering to cover my rear with these full cut panties. Love the loads of lace — including wide lace bands on the leg. (Perfect for avoiding those lines under pants and jeans.)

But after reading the reviews at HSN, I think I’ll pass.

Once again, I wonder why people make such inferior products.

Lace that falls apart?! It’s a crime. I don’t need to buy a pair (let alone a three pair pack) of panties and wash them to know of that lace problems these other ladies suffered. It’s like plastic-coated paper doilies in water, crumbling in your fingers… And then those crumbs adhere themselves to your other delicates — the lingerie bag — UGH.

Rises not long enough on larger sizes? Once again I say that BBW is really BBS (Big BS).

Rhonda, get it right. Your target market is screaming good advice; take it, remake it.

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