Marie Osmond’s Missing Undies (Or, Fun With Mormon Underwear)

“Beehive Clothing hopes to score big with the youth of the Mormon Church by teasing them with thongs and white butterfly ass tats while retaining that special pre-temple garment spirit.”

So reports Salamander Society Parody News (as in, they’re joking, people).

This is purported to be what real Mormons wear:

Unique to this garment are markings sewn into them which are similar to those used in Freemasonry. Over the right breast is a buttonhole which resembles a “square” (looks like a backward L); over the left breast is a “compass” (resembling a capital V). Sewn into the abdomen and knee area is another marking which looks like an ordinary button-hole.

For more on real Mormon undies, for him and her, see Mt. Molelog, this site and here.

All of this got me thinking… What about Marie Osmond’s underwear?

I don’t believe her dolls had undies. Not even the one’s with fashion patterns.

Nope, no undies in the doll outfit pattern collection either.

How can it be a fashion doll without the religious fashions?

Marie also had a line of sewing patterns. And no, there are no Marie Osmond patterns with panties either.

So much for thinking you had an authentic Marie Osmond doll — for she is Marie Osmond: Mormon.

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