What Is It About Panties?

Jon Galt wrote:

Lyn knows I have a quasi-fetish for panties. And, in all likelihood, I preface ‘fetish’ with ‘quasi’ for my own need to think I’m not entirely off of my rocker. I don’t know why, but sexy panties have always been something that, even with the slightest glimpse, is sure t give me a raging hard-on. As they say: panties, the closest thing there is to pussy. For the record, I prefer pussy, but sexy panties are always arrousing.

Well, they’re always arousing because they are nestled right there, at that prized spot you so desire. You fancy yourself being right there, and as often, don’t you? *wink*

Lyn knows this, so this is why she put the hot panties in your work cooler. And this is why you did what you did.

And this is why she sent you the photo of the pearl panties — and you did what you did.

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