Oh Really, Now…

From fuerteventuradigital.com:

It’s definite, underwear is more and more connected to the outside. Today, letting everyone see the strap of your brassiere, the subtlety of lace or the form of a garment behind a transparency is a normal, everyday affair. Trends have changed, because what used to be hidden is now part of a game of flirting, sensuality and style.

I can’t argue that trends have changed. I can’t argue that lingerie isn’t part of ‘style’. But puh-leeze don’t try to feed me the crap about the current lingerie trends being about flirting and sensuality.

Leaving little to the imagination is not flirtatious. Floss that rides up your tender (completely shaven) bits isn’t sensual, it’s uncomfortable. Where is the fashion and the accompanying lingerie which not only seduces but makes a person work for each and every layer? Again, I wail: Where’s the tease?!

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