Save Pregnant Women From… Themselves?

Sexy marketing push – or soft porn? is the question regarding maternity lingerie brand Hot Milk.

I think any woman who has been pregnant understands why Hot Milk Lingerie owners Lisa Ebbing and Angela Crosbie created the line of sexy yet functional lingerie (which allows for easy breast feeding).

Why anyone would see porn in the ads or company promotional materials is beyond me.

My guess is that, as usual, mothers can’t be sexy — and the #1 cry of those ‘conservatives’ who like to censor is “Think of the children!” Obviously, these harlots who pose in ‘their condition’ must be stopped before they become interested in sex and end up, say… Pregnant. Sheesh.

Hell, with that example, one day those sluts kids will have kids who will have kids… See the cycle? We must stop it! Save the preggos! Save the children!

(That’s sarcasm there, kids.)

As one of Hot Milk’s customers said, “Let’s see. One lingerie catalogue with scantily-clad women: not offensive. Now add pregnancy. One lingerie catalogue with scantily-pregnant woman. Offensive? Why? Is pregnancy offensive? That’s the only difference between the two pictures. Do we expect pregnant women to only be depicted as saints, complete with halos? Pregnant women are WOMEN. Interested in love, life, sex AND lingerie.”

Save pregnant women from what? Certainly not themselves. Nor Hot Milk’s marketing team. These women need to be protected from the people who call the lingerie and its imagery “porn”. Those are the sickos.

Why isn’t anyone protecting their children?

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