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So there’s this group of us gals talking fervently & feverishly online tonight, and the subject of our bloggin’ comes up. This is not surprising, as we’re all pretty avid bloggers.

What made us so feverish was that we each have men who are mostly wonderful to us — but who also take issue with our blogging. They’re not just complaining jealously of our time spent blogging (which as women we might actually like hearing about). Or of potential addictions. At least that’s not what they make all the fuss about. Nay, they speak of sordid things, like money. The short story is they each want us, their lovely ladies, to commit ourselves to more economic pursuits.

Understandable, but (we collectively whine), “We do make some money, dribs & drabs, and shouldn’t that count for something?”

“Yes,” they reply. “But dear, the time spent vs the money brought in… The dribs don’t pay for the hours spent.”

Some, especially my hubby, want us to leave writing (and this includes blogging) as a hobby and go get a ‘real job.’

“It isn’t a working wage,” he says, breaking down the number of posts per month into hours and dividing it by the ad revenues, putting the hard facts and figures before me. (And so I don’t dare tell him of all the time spent with emails and other aspects of blogging!)

I tried to debate, using part of the hours as my ‘free time’ and even ‘entertainment expenses.’ Yes, I even used lingerie and sex as a distraction, if not a weapon. But the conversation always returns and he says the same thing, “Get a real job… We’ve got bills to pay.”

I’d sigh, but frankly it’s too frightening.

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