Nylon Whispers

the sweeping nylon skirt whispers against my legs, my ankles…

it speaks of promises

promises proffered by the smooth silky cups which caress my breasts
promises proffered by the slip & slide of nylon nightie against nylon panties as I pad across the living room floor

my nipples respond
they harden and push

in vain

because you’re away for the night

the fabric strains, accommodating
but what silky and soft begat cannot be satisfied by the same

rough and firm is required

insistent is the cry of my nipples thrusting from their nylon embrace

insistent would be the response of your fingers,
your mouth

but you’re away for the night, and the whispers of the nylon skirt are but mocking teases…

I run my fingers along every bit of my nylon covered flesh


Here it is soft, but cool with nylon
Here they are hard, erect
Here it is soft, but warm — and slick

and I imagine my ragged breaths are yours — long, hot breaths along the gusset of my panties

more heat!

heat and friction, please

…but, you are away for the night

all I have are my own fingers
since you, they’ve never been enough

never enough to deliver on the promises which the sweeping nylon skirt whispers against my legs

© Areola Brown, which is me *wink*

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